Blackout Poetry

As you can see from the examples pictured Blackout poems are an easy, effective and fun way for children in both KS1 and KS2 to write an interesting and thought provoking poem. This type of poem can
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Sell Your Workshops To Schools!

Do you have a great educational idea that you just know would go down well as a workshop in a school? Perhaps you are a budding children’s author, a talented artist/ actor or even a scientist brimming
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How to write a pirate list poem

Every primary school class in the world should have a Dead Man’s/ Pirate’s Chest. Pictured below is mine- I bought myself a cool, mysterious wooden chest that I thought a pirate might own and filled it with
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Finding Words Within Words!

Exploring words within words! If you are looking for a fun and engaging poetry writing idea for your children this week, check out this neat poetry idea, Words Within Words Look for that circular shape on the
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Write a Univocalic Poem with your class!

Only one vowel? Is that possible? A Univocalic is a poem that uses only a single vowel in all of its words. Just like in my fun example above, these poems are a great opportunity for your
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Do The (Chicken) Rap!

Children love rapping, it’s seen as being cool, they see it on TV and it’s all glamourous, blingy and flawless. The trouble with rapping is that it’s quite hard to write and even harder to perform well.
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Write a Christmas Shape Poem!

Hello Christmas is a great time to write a poem with your class. Using a bit of rhythm, rhyme and imagination your children could soon come up with a poem to put in a card that will
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Halloween Poetry!

Hello Children love a bit of scary poetry on Halloween! Get your children into partners and give each of them a copy of my poem Visitors on Halloween– now challenge them to learn the poem off by
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Poem Ideas for Anti- Bullying Week

Hello Anti-Bullying Week happens in schools across England and Wales each November. This year’s Anti-Bullying Week has the theme One Kind Word and is happening from Monday 15th November – Friday 19th November 2021. Poetry is a
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Football Poems for The World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup of Football is almost upon us and this has given us the perfect opportunity to have a go at writing some fun and adventurous football related poetry with the children in our primary
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Go to the Head!

Get ​a copy of my new poetry book Go To The Head for free!

Dive into this collection of poems about life at school, at home, in the big wide world… even in the depths of the sea – and you’re sure to come up smiling.