Poems to mark Armistice Day.

With Armistice Day approaching on November 11th now would be a good time to plan some dramatic and atmospheric war poetry lessons for the children in your class and the poetry book ‘What Are We Fighting For?’
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Football Poems for The World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup of Football is almost upon us and this has given us the perfect opportunity to have a go at writing some fun and adventurous football related poetry with the children in our primary
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Write a Univocalic poem with your class!

Only one vowel? Is that possible? A Univocalic is a poem that uses only a single vowel in all of its words. Just like in the fun example above by my friend Celia Warren, these poems are a
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Turn an advert into a poem!

Poetry should be fun, poetry should make you laugh, poetry should bring joy to your heart and what could bring more happiniess than putting your teacher up for sale in a poem? Teacher For Sale! 33 years
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Finding words within words!

Exploring words within words! If you are looking for a fun and engaging poetry writing idea for your children this week, check out this neat poem by my friend Trevor Parsons, Finding What’s Fishy in Fortunate Search
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Facebook Free Ebook

Click on the link below to get your free poetry E book! Go_To_The_Head Facebook Download

Simple and fun writing ideas for your class this Christmas!

Christmas card poems are a great way to inspire your children to write and perform at this busy time of year and the verses below by Kate Williams are simple, fun and easily replicated by the children
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Making rhythm and rhyme a little bit easier…

  Hello! Asking the children in your class to write a poem using rhythm and rhyme with little preparation and inspiration can often yield nonsensical and unsatisfying results. However the following poem by Charles Thomson demonstrates a
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Learn a poem for performance!

  The new English curriculum now requires children to learn poetry off by heart. On my many visits to primary schools across the UK I often get invited  to judge poetry recital/ slam competitions and I am constantly amazed at
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Inspire the reluctant writers in your class!

Finding ideas to inspire the reluctant writers in our classes can be very difficult- poetry writing for some children can seem especially onerous! I have used the following poetry writing idea How To Make a Poem (Blue
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Go to the Head!

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