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Finding words within words!

Exploring words within words!

If you are looking for a fun and engaging poetry writing idea for your children this week, check out this neat poem by my friend Trevor Parsons,

Finding What’s Fishy in Fortunate
Search for what’s false in believing,
look for damage in the pharmacy,
in the garage you’ll find anger,
in the cupboard there’s a wild beast hiding
and there’s a little bit of evil in messiness.

But, looking on the bright side,
the garbageman’s holding a jewel,
there’s something jolly in the funeral,
there’s romance in being slovenly,
much joy in cancelations
and a great big smile in the grinder.

As you have probably spotted, this poem is all about spotting words within words- try this poem on your children they will love trying to work out the meaning in each line. The new literacy curriculum specifies that children should explore ‘word play’ and this is a great way of fulfilling that objective. Check out my little effort below:

Look for that circular shape on the ground
Can you spot the happiness in malfunction?
There’s always a place for ships in importance
And no need to be hungry when creating

Your children could use their reading books for inspiration with this poem. With a partner challenge them to scan a couple of pages of text looking out carefullly for words within words. After finding their little treasure trove of ideas they can then have a bash at writing their own ‘word play’ poem.

A writing framework for this poem can be downloaded here: Words within Words wksheet

After completing their poems encourage them to swap them with other children to see if they can work out the hidden meanings in each line. However- be warned, once you have trained your children to spot words within words they will begin to see them everywhere driving you a bit crazy- totally worth it though!

Have fun writing with your class!

Ian Bland


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