My Dad’s A Rock’n’Roll Star!

(But only on Friday nights)

On Mondays my dad is so boring
As he gets ready for working again,
He tells us goodbye
As he straightens his tie
Then he dashes to town for his train.

But on Friday nights he’s so different,
Then his friends come around with guitars
And dad twangs and he strums
As mum bashes the drums
And my dad and his band are rock stars!

On Wednesdays my dad is so quiet,
He comes home and he kisses my mum –
He watches TV
With his tea on his knee
And won’t rest till our homework is done!

But on Friday nights he’s a rock star,
He belts rock’n’roll with a roar –
And his friends play along
To each noisy old song
And we clap and we cry out for more!

On Sundays my dad is quite normal,
My mum gives him breakfast in bed –
And then it’s a cert
He’ll get covered in dirt
As he potters around in the shed.

But on Friday nights he’s a rock star,
Then my dad and his band jump and jive –
And the sound that they make
Keeps us all wide awake –
He’s the trendiest dad that’s alive!



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