The FA Cup Under The Sea

Have you ever seen a dolphin shoot
Or a seahorse foul a sole?
Have you ever seen a dogfish pass
Or a stingray score a goal?

If you haven’t seen these things before
You can watch them now for free –
Sit back, relax, enjoy the fun
Of the FA Cup under the sea!

The goalkeeper is a halibut
The defenders are moray eels.
The midfielders are jellyfish
The attackers – prawns and seals!

The referee is an octopus
Who, if he sees a football crime,
Won’t hesitate to send you off
With eight cards at a time!

The goalmouth is a sperm whale’s jaw
And so to boot one in
You must avoid the razor teeth
Around his mighty grin!

The cheering fans are great white sharks
With smiles, wide and sublime,
Just waiting for the chance
To eat the players at full time.

And the winning team (uneaten)
Get awarded by a guppy
A seashell covered trophy –
The aquatic FA cuppy!



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