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Simple and fun writing ideas for your class this Christmas!

These Christmas card poems (featured in the poetry book Christmas Poems Chosen by Paul Cookson– Macmillan)  are a great way to inspire your children to write and perform at this busy time of year and the verses below by Kate Williams are simple, fun and easily replicated by the children in your class.
They are all essentially 4 lines long with the rhyme at the end of line 2 and line 4 or an  A, B, C, B rhyme scheme. The rhythm is easy to pick up after you have read them a few times. Your children could write a few themselves using a variety of different scenarios. I’ve included some of my own efforts below:

From pupil to teacher:

Merry Christmas Mrs Griffin
Make sure you have a rest,
Remember to make it easy
Next time you set a test!
from Charlie

Teacher to pupil:

Merry Christmas Charlotte
Hope your holidays are great,
Next term when we start again
Please try NOT to be so LATE!
from Mrs Griffin

Pupil to headteacher:

Merry Christmas Mr Callaghan
Do try to have some fun,
And the next time I am naughty
Please don’t ring my mum!
from Maddie

A writing framework for this poem is available here.Christmas Poems

This is a good opportunity for your children to practice using rhythm and  rhyme in a meaningful way. These poems could be included in the different Xmas cards children send to each other or be put in one big card that could be produced by the class. Once they have got the hang of the rhythm and rhyme you will be surprised at the funny verses that they can come up with.
Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

Kate Williams is a fabulous children’s poet & workshop leader!
You can find out more about her work on her Website: https://poemsforfun.wordpress.com/


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