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Teach metaphors with poetry!

Metaphors are a very useful device, they give an extra dimension to our writing and can create exciting and thought provoking images in the minds of our readers. They are certainly something that we should be teaching our children to use in their writing.

But what is a metaphor and how do they work? Simply, a metaphor states that one thing is another thing e.g.

The teacher is a dragon.
America is a melting poet.
Baby, you’re a firework!

Check out this lovely poem by Ian Souter that makes terrific use of metaphors:

Now that you know what a metaphor is, can you teach it to the children in your class? Perhaps they could write their own version of the Sometimes poem- how could they describe their friends using a metaphor? Perhaps she/ he could be:

the ball that hits you on the back of the head at playtime
the knock on the door that brings a smile to your face
the crazy joke that makes you howl with laughter

Go ahead and have some fun with metaphors- they will make your children’s writing so much more interesting and fun!



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