Ian's Poems on Video

I’ll never fall in love again!

The ultimate love poem. Click here to watch me get dumped by my first ever girlfriend!

I know what they do in the staffroom…

Ever wondered what your teachers get up to in the staffroom? Find out all their secrets in this poem!

Mrs Connelly

A poem about the school bursar who runs off to the Bahamas with the school budget. She was so nice as well…

My Gran the non stop kiss machine…

A poem all about my lovely gran who just loved to give out kisses and just couldn’t stop!

My teacher is a model

Every teacher I ever worked with used to be a model before they actually got into teaching- find out their tricks in this poem…

Some Teachers…

What are the teachers really like in your school? Find out their hidden talents in the poem above. Enjoy!



Go to the Head!

Get ​a copy of my new poetry book Go To The Head for free!

Dive into this collection of poems about life at school, at home, in the big wide world… even in the depths of the sea – and you’re sure to come up smiling.