Workshopping to a New Career with Ian Bland - Video Course Now Available!!


Are you interested in starting your own business workshopping in schools? A business where you manage your own diary, make your own decisions, enjoy a healthier work/ life balance and make even more money?

I created my Workshopping to a New Career with Ian Bland online video course just for that very purpose.

The course is a series of 7 videos that really drill down into the nuts and bolts of being a serious workshopper in schools. The videos cover important aspects of the business that you will need to work through such as:

• Preparing for your first day
• Selling and promoting your work
• Developing an exciting website
• Building an email subscriber list
• Using social media effectively
• Pricing (How to make some real money)
• Future endeavours to really help you make a success of your business

In the videos I pass on loads of valuable information and tips that will massively move you forward into the world of workshopping and help you navigate your way ahead.

Video course only:
£357 including VAT


Video course and 2 live one-hour online group Zoom consultations with me:
£597 including VAT


After 22 years in this business, I have had a lot of success and I would LOVE to pass on this experience and expertise to you.


“With over 20 years' experience working in schools all over the UK and abroad delivering poetry workshops for children, Ian was my first choice as a business coach and mentor to help develop my business and my first aid challenges for schools.”Joanne Joveini - Multi-award winning first aid courses and qualifications for schools | Bespoke training | Subscriptions and ongoing support | Creator of the Act Fast Challenge for students



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