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“I had a great session with Ian discussing how to develop some workshops for primary school pupils and development sessions for the teachers. He really helped to work out what it was in my skillset that would be wanted by schools and then gave me some great ideas and guidelines about areas to develop for the workshops. Ian's consultancy sessions are great value and highly recommended.”Kevin Westbrook - Independent language professional, trainer and specialist in technology in language teaching.

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Fed up with your teaching job? Do you ever wish that you could do something else, something more fulfilling and worthwhile - something for yourself?

Well, you can...

I started my own workshopping business in schools 20 years ago using my passion for writing and performing and I'm constantly amazed at the fantastic career I’ve been lucky enough to build.

MORE MONEY, MORE FREEDOM and a HEALTHY WORK LIFE BALANCE - all of which I control and that's the key

I’M in charge!

You can do the same.

As an experienced teacher you are in possession of a tonne of valuable skills and expertise. You might be a talented singer, dancer, scientist, linguist, a budding mental health coach or a Lego engineer - it doesn't matter - you can offer it as a fun and creative workshop in schools and I can get you started.

I offer 1-hour strategic online Zoom consultations that can help you launch your new business. Knowledge, tips and approaches from my 20 years of experience that REALLY WORK!

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    “With over 20 years' experience working in schools all over the UK and abroad delivering poetry workshops for children, Ian was my first choice as a business coach and mentor to help develop my business and my first aid challenges for schools.”Joanne Joveini - Multi-award winning first aid courses and qualifications for schools | Bespoke training | Subscriptions and ongoing support | Creator of the Act Fast Challenge for students



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