Blackout Poetry

As you can see from the examples pictured Blackout poems are an easy, effective and fun way for children in both KS1 and KS2 to write an interesting and thought provoking poem. This type of poem can be done on a specific theme (I have seen some wonderful Remembrance Sunday examples on Twitter recently) where all the children have been given a specific text with relevant vocabulary to work with. More ambitious poets perhaps in KS2 could source their own texts/ themes to really explore and experiment with words and phrases and how they can be manipulated to create different poetic effects. A great activity to do with a partner- just give out the text and let the children choose which words to use by blacking out everything else- genius! The example above also illustrates how this idea can be made to be very artistic and pleasing on the eye at the same time!

A simple search on Google will come up with lots of different examples that your children will love to explore getting them prepared to do their very own Blackout poem!

Have fun writing!

Ian Bland


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