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Halloween Poetry!

Hello Children love a bit of scary poetry on Halloween! Get your children into partners and give each of them a copy of my poem Visitors on Halloween– now challenge them to learn the poem off by
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Poem Ideas for Anti- Bullying Week

Hello This year anti bullying week is happening during the week beginning the 12th November and the theme is ‘Choose Respect’. Poetry is a great way to tackle this delicate subject and this week I have chosen
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Football Poems for The World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup of Football is almost upon us and this has given us the perfect opportunity to have a go at writing some fun and adventurous football related poetry with the children in our primary
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Turn an advert into a poem!

Poetry should be fun, poetry should make you laugh, poetry should bring joy to your heart and what could bring more happiniess than putting your teacher up for sale in a poem? Teacher For Sale! 33 years
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Facebook Free Ebook

Click on the link below to get your free poetry E book! Go_To_The_Head Facebook Download

Simple and fun writing ideas for your class this Christmas!

These Christmas card poems (featured in the poetry book Christmas Poems Chosen by Paul Cookson– Macmillan)  are a great way to inspire your children to write and perform at this busy time of year and the verses
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Making rhythm and rhyme a little bit easier…

  Hello! Asking the children in your class to write a poem using rhythm and rhyme with little preparation and inspiration can often yield nonsensical and unsatisfying results. However the following poem by Charles Thomson demonstrates a
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Inspire the reluctant writers in your class!

Finding ideas to inspire the reluctant writers in our classes can be very difficult- poetry writing for some children can seem especially onerous! I have used the following poetry writing idea How To Make a Poem (Blue
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Teach powerful verbs using poetry!

  Sometimes poetry can be used to get to the point of a literacy lesson a lot quicker than when using regular prose. I wrote the attached poem ‘Mrs Jardine’ (below) while keeping the idea of teaching
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Having fun with word play!

Click here to download a free poetry ebook for your primary class and get your children performing! Mesostic Poems- What are they? Everybody has heard of acrostic poems where a word runs down vertically at the beginning
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